Global Vision Scholarships

Full-Tuition Fee Global Vision Scholarships at Inha University, South Korea

With the aid of the Global Vision Scholarships in South Korea, you can overcome all the financial obstacles standing in the way of your desire to pursue a degree overseas. Inha University is in charge of organizing the program. International applicants who desire to pursue a master’s, doctorate, or integrated degree at Inha Institution in […]

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Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists, 2022-2023

The Swiss government is pleased to provide excellence scholarships for visiting overseas academics and artists. The grant program is available for the 2022–2023 academic year. Scholarships are provided for PhD, postdoctoral, research, and fine arts programs at a university or other reputable institution that is supported by the public. Young international researchers who have achieved […]

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UQ Academic Scholarships

UQ Academic Scholarships Program for International Students in Australia, 2022

High-achieving students can apply to the University of Queensland’s UQ Academic Scholarships program if they desire to finish their undergraduate degrees in Australia. High-achieving individuals who wish to enroll in undergraduate degree coursework for the academic year 2022–2023 are eligible for the studentship. The Institution of Queensland, a public research university that was founded in […]

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South Bank Merit Scholarships

London South Bank University International Merit Scholarships in the UK

With the aid of these international merit scholarships offered by London South Bank University, advance your academic career. This scholarship’s goal is to support overseas students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees at London South Bank University by recognizing their outstanding academic accomplishments. Borough Polytechnic Institute, the predecessor to London South Bank University, was founded in […]

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Chevening International Scholarships

UK Government Chevening International Scholarships, 2022-2023

For master’s degree programs in the UK, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and affiliated organizations provide Chevening international Scholarships. Applicants from abroad are welcome to apply. Since 1983, the UK government has sponsored the Chevening international honors program to foster the development of world leaders. Funded by partner organizations and the Foreign and Commonwealth […]

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Griffith Remarkable Scholarships

Griffith Remarkable Scholarships for International Students in Australia, 2022

Are you interested in beginning your academic career in Australia? Apply for the Griffith Remarkable Scholarships if you want to study at Griffith University for your undergraduate and graduate degrees. Anyone who is not an Australian or a New Zealander is eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship program’s objective is to aid financially international students. […]

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Seattle University Merit Awards

Seattle University Merit Awards for First-Year International Students in USA

Seattle University Merit Awards are available to first-year international students. For the school year 2022-2023, applications for this award are now being accepted. The goal of this scholarship program is to persuade academically gifted international applicants to Seattle University. Located in the center of Seattle, Washington, Seattle University is a reputable Jesuit Catholic university. Within […]

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DAAD Scholarships

DAAD Scholarships for International Students in Germany

For the academic year 2022–2023, the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences is offering DAAD Scholarships for PhD Candidates. If you are a graduate and plan to write your doctoral thesis abroad, you must apply. Students pursuing master’s degrees in sociology, psychology, educational science, political science, labor, educational economics, demography, and statistics will be eligible […]

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RTP International Fee-Offset Scholarships at Griffith University in Australia, 2023

International students can apply for RTP International Fee-Offset Scholarships at Griffith University. Scholarships fund the entire tuition for the HDR program, which the candidate would otherwise be responsible for. It is possible to receive financial aid for an HDR program. These are given to students who wish to enroll in the university’s subject offerings for […]

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Regional Scholarships

Regional Scholarships for International Students at Iuav University of Venice, Italy

The Regional Scholarships for International Students are being offered by the Iuav University of Venice to assist them in beginning their higher education in Italy during the academic year 2022-2023. International students who wish to enroll in any academic program in Italy are eligible for this financial prize. The money will be given to the […]

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