Google PhD Fellowship program

Google PhD Fellowship program (Africa, India, and Southeast Asia 2022)


The new Google PhD Fellowship Program is now open for applications, and it provides direct funding to graduate students pursuing their PhDs while also connecting them with a Google Research Mentor. Google is now awarding scholarships to Indian and African students.

The Google PhD Program was established to honor excellent graduates who have excelled in computer science and related fields.

Google’s purpose is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and helpful to everyone. AI is assisting us in doing so in exciting new ways, allowing us to solve problems for our users, customers, and the rest of the world.

Google PhD Fellowship students are a select group recognized by Google researchers and their institutions as some of the most promising young academics in the world. The Fellowships are awarded to students who represent the future of research in the following fields:

  • Algorithms, Optimizations and Markets
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Health Research
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision
  • Mobile Computing
  • Natural Language Processing (including Information Retrieval and Extraction)
  • Privacy and Security
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • Quantum Computing
  • Structured Data and Database Management
  • Systems and Networking


Provider: Google

Application Deadline: It varies

Number of Scholarships: Up to two students from Computer Science or related subjects may be nominated by each eligible university. Applications are open across India and Africa, and there is no limit on the number of students from a university that can apply.

Nationality: Scholarships are awarded to holders from Australia, China and East Asia.

Scholarship can be taken in Australia, China and East Asia, Europe, Africa, India, the United States and Canada.

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Google PhD Fellowship program


Universities should only nominate students that meet the following requirements:

  • Full-time graduate students pursuing a PhD and enrolled in an African, Indian or Southeast Asian institution.
    • Early-stage PhD students enrolled one year or less.
    • Applicants who are currently in their first year of a part-time PhD program and transferring to full-time positions. *Current undergraduate or masters students and professionals may apply. The Google Fellowship award shall be contingent on the awardee registering for a full-time PhD program of an African, Indian or Southeast Asian university in Computer Science or related fields within the calendar year of the fellowship, or the award shall be forfeited.
    • Applicants enrolled in an undergraduate or masters program must be current, full-time students at an African, Indian or Southeast Asian university.
    • Professionals must be employed/affiliated with an organization registered in Africa or India, and receipt of the award is contingent on them joining a full-time PhD program at an African, Indian or Southeast Asian university within the calendar year of the award.
    • Grant of the Google Fellowship does not mean admission to the PhD program of a university. The awardee must also complete the PhD admission process of the respective institute/university where he/she wishes to register for a PhD.
    • Grant of the Google Fellowship will be subject to the rules and guidelines applicable in the institute/university where the awardee registers for the PhD program. * Students must remain enrolled full-time in the PhD program for the duration of the Fellowship, or forfeit the award.
  • Google employees, and their spouses, children, and members of their household are not eligible.
  • Students that are already supported by a comparable industry award are not eligible.


How to Apply: Before applying, double-check your university’s and region’s eligibility for student nominations. When the application period begins, the submission forms will be available on the main Google PhD Fellowship Program page.

Students can apply directly in India and Africa during the application period, which begins in February in India and November in Africa.

Supporting Documents: All the following documents must be submitted:

Africa and India

You’ll need the following documents in order to complete an application (in English only):

  • Student applicant’s resume with links to website and publications (if available)
  • Short (1-page) resume of the student’s PhD program advisor (Africa only)
  • Available transcripts (mark sheets) starting from first year/semester of Bachelor’s degree to date
  • Research proposal (maximum 8 pages)
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation from those familiar with the applicant’s work (at least one from the thesis advisor for current PhD students)
  • Applicant’s essay response (350-word limit) to- Describe the desired impact your research will make on the field and society, and why this is important to you. Include any personal, educational and/or professional experiences that have motivated your research interests.

Australia and New Zealand, East Asia

For each student nomination, the university will be asked to submit the following material in a single PDF file:

  1. Student CV with links to website and publications (if available)
  2. Short (1-page) CV of the student’s primary advisor
  3. Transcripts of current and previous academic records
  4. 2-3 letters of recommendation from those familiar with the nominee’s work (at least one from the thesis advisor)
  5. Research/dissertation proposal including references (maximum 8 pages)

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language is not English are typically required to demonstrate competence in English at the University’s higher level.

Google PhD Fellowship program

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Students are awarded named Fellowships, which come with a monetary prize. The funds are paid directly to the university, which will distribute them to the students to meet their expenses and stipend as appropriate. The funds are being given as an unrestricted gift, and Google does not pay for overhead on such gifts.

The student will also be paired with a Google Research Mentor, who we believe will become a significant resource for the student. As a result of receiving the fellowship, the student has no employment tie with Google. Intellectual property restrictions do not apply to fellowship recipients unless they complete an internship with Google.

Fellowship grantees who are completing an internship at Google are bound by the same intellectual property and other contractual duties as any other Google intern. Fellowship student is interested, an internship at Google is encouraged, but not guaranteed or required.


  • Up to 3 year Fellowship
  • US $30K to cover stipend and other research related activities, travel expenses including overseas travel
  • Google Research Mentor


  • Up to 4 year Fellowship
  • US $50K to cover stipend and other research related activities, travel expenses including overseas travel
  • Google Research Mentor

Southeast Asia

  • Up to 3 year Fellowship
  • US $10K per year for up to 3 years (or up to graduation, whichever is earlier) to cover stipend and other research related activities, travel expenses including overseas travel
  • Google Research Mentor

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